Autumnal Art

A distinct chill in the air, a noticeable change in the morning temperature and the return of the school term, Autumn has announced its arrival. Art, forever inspired by the world around us, captures the different seasons, their noticeable characteristics and features in a variety of different mediums, styles and techniques. As the vibrancy of Summer bids farewell and gives way to the subdued and … Continue reading Autumnal Art

World-Class Ceramics by Dale Bowen

Many of you will already be familiar with the colourful carefree art of Dale Bowen whom exhibited at Montague’s Gallery recently. Before Dale Bowen became a professional artist he worked in the Wedgwood Prestige Department for several years creating beautiful ceramics. We are privileged to have a selection of Dale’s world-renowned craftsmanship available at Montague’s Gallery. Each piece has been created using the lost art … Continue reading World-Class Ceramics by Dale Bowen