Frogman Bronzes

We are very proud to be the only art gallery in Hertfordshire to sell the world famous Frogman bronzes. There is a varied collection of Frogman bronze sculptures in Montague’s Gallery including sought-after pieces and brand new releases. If you haven’t heard of Frogman, then this is a sculptor that you need to know about!

Belle Fleur 1
‘Belle Fleur’ A dazzling gold nitrate tulip sways gracefully as a lavender frog anxiously climbs the stem.  Edition of 350 worldwide.

More than twenty years ago Tim Cotterill, an English sculptor produced a bronze frog named ‘Freddie’ – the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, Tim’s frogs have soared in popularity, leading him to become the biggest selling bronze artist in the world with a portfolio of international collectors including Michelle Pfeiffer and Whoopi Goldberg.

Lily Of The Valley
‘Lily Of The Valley.’ A vivid pastel red frog spies a ladybug resting on a delicate sprig of Lily of the Valley flowers.
The graceful arc that is formed by the flowers, leaf and the frog reminds us, once again, of the harmony of nature. Edition of 350 worldwide.

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that the frogs are made from glass or enamel due to their colourful, smooth and glossy exteriors; in fact each frog is made entirely from solid bronze.

‘Chutney’ Edition variation in perfect spring colours with a rich silver nitrate patina. Edition of 100 worldwide

Each individual frog takes an incredible 116 hours to make over a period of 5-7 weeks in a process known as ‘The Lost Wax Method’. Using the same technique that the Ancient Egyptians used to make their jewellery, every frog is created in the same method.

‘Indigo,’ Sitting patiently waiting to hop into mischeif; Indigo is a cute character in the most eye-catching electric blue patina. Edition of 5000 worldwide.

After creating a metal sculpture of the frog he wants to bring to life, Tim makes a silicone mould of this which is then filled with wax. Once that has set, the frog is dipped into a ceramic slurry and then immediately into sand once every twenty four hours for one week to build up a thick outer layer of ceramic.

Sugar Pie
‘Sugar Pie.’ A rare piece in a sugar pink silver nitrate patina. Only 50 worldwide

When this has been achieved, the ceramic is fired, melting the wax inside which then flows out through a small hole leaving no trace of the wax – hence the name ‘Lost Wax Method’.

It is a long and painstaking process to create one of these unmistakable and unique bronze frogs. These charismatic amphibians have a distinct charm to them in addition to being high quality artworks that are like no other bronze sculpture.

‘High Tea.’ A trio of frogs gather round the local toadstools for afternoon tea. Edition of 1000 worldwide

If you are looking to kick-start your Frogman collection, Salsa (above) would be the perfect little frog to take home to sit on your mantlepiece or coffee table.

Do pop into the gallery to view these incredible sculptures, you will see just how extremely tactile they are and feel the weight of them which is mighty compared to their delicate appearance!


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