Autumnal Art

A distinct chill in the air, a noticeable change in the morning temperature and the return of the school term, Autumn has announced its arrival.

‘Autumn Woodland,’ Chris Bourne, original acrylic on board

Art, forever inspired by the world around us, captures the different seasons, their noticeable characteristics and features in a variety of different mediums, styles and techniques. As the vibrancy of Summer bids farewell and gives way to the subdued and muted tones of Autumn, the evenings get shorter and leafs fall to the ground; the changing colours of the season are brought to life through the artists’ palette.

‘Through The Fields,’ Ben Jeffery, original oil and acrylic on canvas

From the traditional styles of Mariusz Kaldowski and Chris Bourne that embody the Impressionist style of painting; through to the modern, contemporary styles of Kealey Farmer and Edward Waite and the surreal cityscapes of Rayford, the sense of Autumn is captured through art with rich, warm colours and metallic hues of bronze and copper.

Tower Structure
‘The Tower Structure’, Edward Waite, original acrylic on board
london slumber
‘London Slumber,’ Rayford, original acrylic on canvas
‘Glowing Afternoon,’ Alex Jawdokimov, original acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
2 Become 1
‘2 Become 1,’ Kealey Farmer, original mixed media on board
‘Riverside Sunset,’ Mariusz Kaldowski, original acrylic on canvas

Montagues Gallery
40 High Street, Kings Langley

01923 263 311

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