Mark Grieves – Artist Of The Month

Make Your Own Kind Of Music
“Make Your Own Kind Of Music,” Mark Grieves, limited edition, 51 x 51 cm, £790

Mark Grieves is the latest artist to be displayed at Montague’s Gallery. His popular musical series sold-out with his previous publishers and we are very privileged to represent his new works.

The newest ‘Ebony and Ivory’ collection is now available at Montague’s Gallery as stunning high-gloss limited editions. Featuring classic pianos and whimsical characters, these latest releases have a silver-screen quality to them that is reminiscent of the bygone era of black and white cinema and classic films such as “Singing In The Rain.”

Set against monochromatic backgrounds, which may be a reference to his childhood growing up North Shields in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; Grieves’ art is brought to life with charismatic figures and splashes of colour through idiosyncratic details such as text and umbrellas. The piano keys added as 3D elements combined with the high-gloss finish lends a new dimension to the alluring pieces.

Singin in the Rain
“Singing In The Rain,” Mark Grieves, limited edition, 51 x 51 cm, £790

Mark Grieves’ art aims to immerse the viewer into the picture completely and his inspiration stems from the world around him; the trick he says, is being able to filter out the “juicy bits.” Fantasy, dreams and memories are a huge influence in his art and were evident from a young age with comments such as “Mark is a dreamer” featuring regularly on his school report cards.

An unfortunate incident at school left Mark Grieves with a sparse art portfolio and unable to secure a place at college to study Art Foundation. Mark then found his way into photography and began learning and experimenting with the different techniques available. He spent many years working in a photography career and has transferred these skills over to his art; for as he says “having an eye for a photo is the same as imagining filling a blank canvas.”

He then made the transition from photographer back to artist with phenomenal success. Originals by Mark Grieves are in high demand however, due to the meticulous attention to details, these originals are rare. Starting off with a completely black canvas, Grieves then adds highlights until he finds the balance in contrast. He then works out where the shadows will fall and gradually builds up the colours all of which are done exclusively in oils.

If you are interested in art by Mark Grieves, you can view our collection of his work on our website here. Alternatively, please contact a member of the Montague’s Team if you would like more information:

Montagues Gallery
40 High Street, Kings Langley

01923 263 311


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