Andrei Protsouk Debut Exhibition – VIP Opening & Personal Appearance

One of the world’s leading figurative artists, Andrei Protsouk, will be making a rare UK appearance at our sister gallery Capulet Gallery in Chiswick on 7th May.


This world-renowned artist from the Ukraine – taught by Evsey Moiseenko a well-known contemporary of the old masters Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso – not only creates breath-taking art, but also has serious investment potential which was first brought to attention on Channel Four’s “Posh Pawn”.

One of Andrei’s pieces was featured on Series One, Episode 6 of the popular programme. The original bought for £7,000 was sold to an investor for £39,000 making an incredible profit of £32,000. This was just one of many worldwide investors clamoring to secure work by the artist.

Originals by Andrei Protsouk are in high demand and commissions have been completed for Coca-Cola, George W. Bush, Imperial Cosmetics and Johnnie Walker Expo, to name but a few.

The striking component of Protsouk’s work is his undeniable compositional skills which can be likened to the Cubist style of art with angular figures and his incorporation of all aspects of a composition not just the elements that are seen from a natural perspective.

Artworks by Protsouk at Montague’s Gallery

Both of these pieces are available in a larger size of 122 x 61 cm priced at £595

Red Wine LEP
“Red, Red Wine”, Andrei Protsouk, Limited Edition, 61 x 31 cm, £290
Naked Grape LEP
“Naked Grape”, Andrei Protsouk, Limited Edition, 61 x 31 cm, £290
Another Bottle of Champagne
“Another Bottle Of Champagne”, Andrei Protsouk, Original on Paper, 70 x 68 cm, £1,950

We have a selection of artwork available by Andrei Protsouk at Montague’s Gallery which include both original and limited works.

We have two stunning limited editions, “Naked Grape” and “Red, Red Wine” which demonstrate Protsouk’s dramatic compositional skills and stimulating use of colour and are available in two different sizes.

“Another Bottle Of Champagne” original on paper, embellished with 18kt gold leaf and signed by the artist is a beautiful example of the soul of Andrei’s work. His infatuation with love, relationships and beauty is the core foundation of his art and regularly depicts couples embracing and sharing precious moments together.


Andrei Protsouk, now residing in the States, will be making a trip across the pond to present a stunning collection of work at his first ever UK exhibition. We are very honoured that he will be making a personal appearance at our sister gallery Capulet Gallery and we hope you can join us and Andrei for the evening.

The exhibition will be held on Election Night, 7th May 2015 from 7 – 9pm
If you would like to attend and have the opportunity to meet this highly prestigious artist please contact Capulet Gallery directly:

Capulet Gallery
231A Chiswick High Road
W4 4PU

0208 747 0370

capulet image

Contact a member of the Montague’s team if you would like more information or would like to purchase any of the above artworks.

Montagues Gallery
40 High Street, Kings Langley

01923 263 311

Andrei Protsouk

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